Coulee Springs Motocross Ranch is a private track on privately owned property just a short, relaxing 50 minute drive east of  the bustling, vibrant city of Calgary, Alberta ,Canada. As you leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, and the flat terrain turns to rolling hills and gorgeous coulee's, you realize your stress has disappeared and is replaced with the eager anticipation of the awesome day or days ahead! 

Currently, CSMX Ranch boasts a 2.5 km dirt track, a 3.5 km natural GP style grass track, and a new extreme beginner/mini track that will make its debut the spring of 2016.Connected too, and in addition to the 3.5km of GP style grass track, you can safely enter and exit the approximate 2km of grass trail section as well. All tracks excluding the Extreme beginner/mini track, wind in and out, up and down,  thru the hills and coulees, offering safe but challenging riding. With rarely a flat section to be had, you charge the terrain....your heart's racing, adrenaline's flowing,  and your desire,stamina, and endurance is being tested to their limits!

Although CSMX Ranch is privately owned, and not currently open to the public, we welcome meeting new friends who share our passion for the sport. For your invitation  to come ride with us please contact us via our facebook group CSMX Ranch,or email us 

at You will not be granted access by showing up at the gate without an invitation! Anyone riding without permission will be charged for trespassing and charged to the full extent of the governing laws of the province of Alberta.

Thank you for your cooperation and respect!

Please observe the following rules:

- Anyone riding any type of motorized vehicle must be a Coulee Springs registered guest, sign in, and pay before unloading their       bike and riding.

- Anyone under the age of 18 yrs must have a parental releaseform signed by both parents, one whom must be present while           signing, and in addition to the parental release form they must sign a minor release

- To ride you must wear a helmet, boots,pants, jersey, gloves and goggles. Neck protection is highly recommended!

- No spectators allowed on track at any time, only riders and track staff.

- Ride only on track and trail provided to access the tracks. ABSOLUTELY NO riding in the long grass or cutting the tracks!

- First lap upon entering a track must be a cautionary "sight lap"

- First gear (walking speed) in all areas other than the track

- No doubling allowed.

- Enter and exit tracks in designated areas only, observing the track direction upon entering.

- Never ride a track or trail backwards.

- No reckless riding on or off the track.

- Never ride above your ability.

- Never enter a track while it is closed for maintenance, which includes watering.

- Only licensed drivers for golf carts, Mules, Rhino's etc...

Coulee Springs Motocross Ranch Motocross Track